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How to Get the Most Out Of Your First Networking Event


How to Get the Most Out Of Your First Networking Event

Are you looking to start your own business in Australia and want to ensure you get the right exposure and make the right connections? Then you should know about networking and attend business events to meet clients and businesses and learn more about your trade. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Victoria, Australia, had over 726,839 businesses in total in 2021. 

To compete with such a large number of businesses, you must be willing to push the envelope and stay on top of business trends and innovations by attending networking events in Australia. If this is the first time you will be attending a networking event, you must understand what networking events are:

What Are Networking Events 

Business consultants in Australia recommend attending networking events as these social gatherings help you build valuable connections. There are three types of networking events that you can attend, such as:

1. In-person

Around 80% of business event organisers in Australia still prefer to organise in-person events as they feel that this helps people make a more personal and intimate connection with their potential clients or business peers.

2. Online 

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining a safe distance became very important, and thus most businesses preferred to organise online networking events. The good thing about online networking events is that you can build global connections and interact with a wide range of people from the comfort of your home.

3. Hybrid

Hybrid events combine in-person and online networking events with building connections in the virtual space and creating more intimate connections. 

  • For instance, an in-person event can be broadcasted online where people in the virtual sphere can also be involved and interact. 
  • Another way to do this is to organise multiple days of hybrid events where a few days you have online networking events, and the rest of the days you are organising in-person conferences and seminars.

Now that you know what networking events are and the different kinds of events, here are some expert tips by business consultants in Australia about how to make the most of these events.

Tips To Help You At Your Networking Event

1. Keep A Goal 

Before going to a networking event, you must have a set goal in mind to accomplish what you want in that set amount of time. For instance, you might want to know more about a particular area or topic related to your business, or you may want to interact with a particular company to know more about how they operate.

2. Wear The Right Outfit

It is a perfect idea to create a good first impression at your networking events by dressing for the part. This is true even if it is an online event, as clients and businesses will be impressed by your level of dedication, and you will also be considered a professional. It is important first to get a memo of the meeting, see what kind of meeting it is, and then dress accordingly. 

3. Start On A Good Note 

Besides your outfit, you can also create a good first impression when you network with your peers to get help for your business by introducing yourself well. You should smile and say your first and last name and ask the other person their name. Keep a firm handshake to impress your peers.

4. Listen To Others 

Lastly, while it is good to introduce your business and your goals, you must also take time out to listen to others at the event. It would help if you created a strong connection by making eye contact, listening intently to others, asking questions and engaging in a mutual conversation. This will make others comfortable around you, and you will get to make deeper connections.


Therefore, if you want to start or reinvent your business and gain valuable connections, you must attend networking events in Australia. Several business event organisers and planners in Australia can inform you about upcoming events and help you meet the right kind of people to help your business. You must set your goals, wear the right outfits and listen to others to create deep connections at these events.


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