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New Business Guide & Information

A community for all New Businesses in Brunswick, Melbourne

We are one of the fastest growing an thriving communities in Melbourne supporting all types of new business and local business groups. Starting a local company or getting into a new venture not only fulfils personal goals but also generates employment options and encourage people to show off their entrepreneurial skills. The Victoria government is also assisting and guiding start-ups and small business through events, programs and business meet-ups.

At Brunswick Incubator Community, we focus on leveraging the market insights, new policies, updated technologies and other aspects and share detailed information with our dedicated and talented novice entrepreneurs.

Starting a Business in Brunswick

Just 6 kilometres north of city’s CBD, Brunswick is a vibrant inner-city suburb of Melbourne, offering great amenities and high-class infrastructural facilities. Over the past few years, the suburb has developed into a terrific place. It is a hot spot for cafes, restaurants, art scenes and shopping complexes. This place is easily accessible through public transport. There is no denying that Brunswick is an ideal suburb to start a new business. It gives golden opportunities to local business owners and new entrepreneurs. Our community focuses on supporting and guiding young and enthusiastic individuals who want to start up their own company in Brunswick, Melbourne.

We Provide Detailed Information For Small Businesses!

According to the recent surveys and researches, small businesses in Victoria, especially Melbourne make up the majority of profits in today’s competitive work. If you are planning to start up a small business in Brunswick and other parts of Melbourne, reach us and join our community today.

We help businesses to plan, start and develop their structures by providing relevant information, assistance and expert business advice as well as training opportunities.

We strive on organising business events, financial management workshops and programs so that all the small business owners can come together, enhance their knowledge, explore new business strategies and grow their network.

Information on Strategies & Initiatives

We have recently introduced this program to support the mental health and wellbeing of small business owners dealing with challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our guests create awareness via activities and provides confidential wellbeing support and free access to financial advisors.

Business Development Strategies

Our community also focuses on enhancing the business development skills of young entrepreneurs. We connect our community members with free online events, workshops and short courses to upgrade their skills. These courses can assist businesses to find potential customers, prepare for new market trends and conditions.

Business Recovery

This initiative aims at delivering customised and free mentoring to small business owners affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Potential business owners can join our community and we will start mentoring sessions with trained and experienced professionals who will help them make well-informed decisions about the future.

Steps to Starting a Small Business in Victoria:


We can assist you in planning your small business in Melbourne, Victoria. We offer a range of guidance and detailed information, ranging from creating a brand image to offering legal advice. You can kick start your new entrepreneurial journey.


You can seek financial support, learn creating invoicing, taxation and other aspects for a hassle-free cash flow system. You can join our financial management programs for better results and smooth running of a company.

Marketing and Promotion

Learn how to identify potential customers and pitch them for great results. Join our workshops and explore everything about conventional and upgraded marketing techniques to help you grow your small business.

Risk Management

Managing risks is an important aspect if you want to achieve desired outcomes. Identify potential risks and mitigate them as soon as possible by joining our risk management events, programs and workshops. We can assist you understand the types of risks involved in the business so that you can create strategies accordingly.

Growth and Expansion

Every business owner should know the concept of creation, innovation and enhancement. Our programs and business consultation programs can help you run the small business by allowing you develop effective processes for future growth and expansion

Customer Support

Sustain existing customers by maintaining healthy and transparent customer relationship. We can help you know the right ways to create a team of customer executives who can assist existing as well as new customers for better growth and consistency of a business.

Foundation of Small Businesses

Our community has a team of experienced and dedicated business experts and financial advisors who can assist you in growing your business. We have discovered that there are key foundations for the success of a small business:

  • Government policies for small businesses
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technologies to grow your business
  • Develop Strong Relationship with renowned and leading entrepreneurs.
  • Easy Access to financial resources
  • Encouragement to run a small business in local and regional areas.
  • Aided with tax rates and additional incentives for stable growth
  • Proper training and education to mitigate risk

You can be a part of our community and discover more about government policies introduces by the Victorian government for small and local businesses in Brunswick, Melbourne.


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